Pre-Congress Workshops

Pre-congress Workshops

Thursday, 3 August
Neuroendoscopy workshop
Time: 11h00-15h00

Faculty:  Dr Basil Enicker | Neurosurgeon; Dr Erastus Kiratu | Neurosurgeon;
Dr Vivan Rajah | ENT Surgeon; Dr NthabelengRankhethoa | ENT Surgeon;
Dr Sonwabile Gonya | Neurosurgeon

Learning objectives:  The course focuses on applications of neuroendoscopy in a modern day neurosurgery practice. It will involve practically orientated lectures and videos. Models will be used to simulate procedures in a hands-on setting.
Topics covered will include endoscopic anatomy, management of intraventricular tumours,multiloculated hydrocephalus, endoscopic third ventriculostomy and endoscopic skull base procedures.

Course attendees will have the benefit of expert colleagues providing input, practical tips and tricks that will equip them with skills required to introduce neuroendoscopy in their practice and avoid complications.

Maximum 24 delegates
Workshop Fee R 2 500

The Role of Endovascular Therapy in Modern Neurosurgery
Time: 11h00-15h00

Learning objectives:  This workshop is aimed at Neurosurgeons, Neurologists and Registrars.  It will provide an overview of the ever-expanding role of Neurointervention.  There will be an opportunity to use Hands on Simulators and Flow Models to better understand the technical aspects of Endovascular Neurosurgery

Rohen Harrichandparsad (Neurosurgeon)
Duncan Royston (Neuro-Radiologist)
Samson Motebejne (Neurosurgeon)

Max 24 delegates
Workshop Fee  R 2 500